1. rookcanrun said: Quitting was the hardest thing I have ever done. You have all of tumblr pulling for you. You can do this!
  2. jessicamaynard said: I had no clue, but I am so proud of you :) Admitting stuff is hard, especially when you are unsure of reactions. If people unfollow you, Kick them in the shins and move on. Tell me one person who hasn’t hidden something!!
  3. fitterisbetter said: So proud!!!!! :)
  4. stephaniebecomesstrong answered: Dude, you’re being strong - good for you! Hard habit to break. Screw ‘em if they unfollow for some honesty :)
  5. dislikethinkingofuniquenames answered: smoking is a challenge; my husband went back & i’m trying my best to not be too judgmental about it. good luck & chew gum!
  6. aheartofiron said: Dude! This is excellent news. And anyone that stops following for this is a douche and you don’t need’em.
  7. ashamedtosay said: I went to Art School, ergo I matriculated with a pack of camels. It was hard to quit, but I did 17 years ago, and it is so worth it. You are going to be awesome.
  8. fatgirlmeetsworld reblogged this from mr-smit and added:
    Word. Proud of you, kid. Quitting is so hard!
  9. runningwithguts said: Sorry, I’m just sitting here poolside in Vegas with my finger hovering over the unfollow button and laughing at Jbizz’s pun. (And if we’re talking about health confessions, I ate a pound of M&Ms on this work trip.)
  10. l-8-10 answered: Dude. You can totally do this thing. And working out is going to feel easier. I mean, not like, SUPER easy or anything, but a little easier.
  11. victoriafindslife answered: quitting is hard! keep trying until it sticks!
  12. jbizzle329 said: Kick those butts.
  13. gilliansquirtle said: i admire your honesty, justin. keep it up! one day at a time :)
  14. brooksglycerine said: I’m a running smoker too… Honestly, I feel better knowing I’m not the only one. Thanks for your honesty, and good luck!
  15. fatgirlmeetsworld said: Awesome. 3 days is great. I’m really proud of you.
  16. justbrooksy said: Just start smoking pot. hang in there buddy, it will get easier.
  17. lizlivinglife said: If anyone unfollows you, they’re an asshole! Quitting is hard work, so good freaking job! In my experience, the first 3 days are the hardest. You’re over that hump!!! SO PROUD of you, keep it up!
  18. beachyrunner answered: media.tumblr.com/tumblr_…