1. engineering-fitness said: dude… that beard….
  2. johnlevelsup said: EPIC.
  3. kungfucaveman said: Don’t listen to the naysayers. Call it shallow, but your beard just vaulted you into the #1 tumblr spot in my cold, dead heart. I burn with envy…
  4. kevsfatfight said: Epic
  5. danielleruns said: I just threw up in my mouth.
  6. becky-balances said: Lol
  7. funnyrunner said: Initial thought: What is the Fast ‘N Loud guy doing on my dash? Best compliment ever? Or best compliment ever?
  8. robownslife said: that’s pretty crazy smitty. you kinda have einstein’s ear on your face. whoa.
  9. jbizzle329 said: Intervention is needed.
  10. x-opher said: Lorax.
  11. kategoesrunning said: Holy crow look at that beard!!!!
  12. beachyrunner said: Beard. Wut r u doing?
  13. l-8-10 said: THAT BEARD. Be still my beating heart.
  14. ashamedtosay said: I have worry.
  15. thisfearlesslife said: OMG. STAHPPP
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