1. kirbydoeslife said: I hope they’re not Pippi Longstocking-ing that shiz.—- I laugh out loud every time Ireland that.
  2. roundisntmyshapeanymore said: It’s a white horse, probably a show horse. We used to wake up 5 hours before a show to start washing my best friends horse. We used shampoo, conditioner, spray in wash and various other soaps to get her clean.
  3. runningwithguts said: what the
  4. getittogetherg said: I’m in live with your life. That Is the type of crazy I expect to see in my neighborhood.
  5. keepingupwithmcjones said: HAAAA!! We have occasionally seen cowboys on horses in the field across the street from us. I live in an actual city, too. I’ll never get used to it.
  6. thisfearlesslife said: Oh, SomKY.
  7. beachyrunner said: This makes me so happy. So happy.
  8. regainingmymoxy said: That would be my dream!! The horse, that is.
  9. dawnversion2point0 said: You don’t wash your horse in the driveway?
  10. engineering-fitness said: pretty much how i imagine kentucky
  11. danielleruns said: WHY NOT LAST WEEKEND
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