1. thetikistyle said: Is it questionable to be envious both ways and still be straight? hmmm
  2. crystalfindsherstrength said: I read Danielle’s comment as “SWOON”. Whoops.
  3. michaeldoeslife said: this question makes me uncomfortable for you
  4. runningwithguts said: Beards don’t obstruct tongues or lips. And sometimes they tickle, which is nice. Your point is invalid.
  5. kungfucaveman said: Dammit, I was going to say “just ask x-opher”
  6. beachyrunner said: Oh Smitty.
  7. x-opher said: … I can’t vouch for ya here, bro.
  8. danielleruns said: SOON.
  9. mr-smit posted this