1. chrisbiketri said: Congratulations on your amazing run!
  2. mar-kicksass said: WOW, way to go! I will be thinking of this post when I do my long run tomorrow. :)
  3. runsforredvelvet said: You kick ass!! :)
  4. chrisrunsoldschool said: awesome dude. What I great feeling. Can I ask, when did you start running? (I want to get where you are at some day)
  5. betternikki said: Fantastic run!!
  6. strengthgained said: Way to push yourself!
  7. pickyourhard said: Dude… you rock. (I couldn’t come up with anything better to say than that, because you’ve been killing it this week.)
  8. robownslife said: that’s really awesome smit! you’re making REAL progress with your running and it’s refreshing to see!
  9. tribander said: Awesome!!!!
  10. x-opher said: You’re a killer. Queen. Gunpowder. Gelatine. Dynamite… with a laser beam.
  11. thisfearlesslife said: Such a badass. When you think you can, you will. It’s that simple. NOLA better look out.